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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Understanding Computer Networks and Benefits

Understanding Computer Networks and Benefits

What is the definition of computer network? Perhaps this question often arises among computer users. And, this time the author will try to give an explanation of what is meant by a computer network. In this paper, the discussion which will include, among others: definition, benefits, and kind. OK, he's just this sense, the benefits and types of computer networks.

Understanding Computer Networks
The computer network is a network that is used to connect multiple computers within a scope of technology. That is, a computer network, there is a set of computer tools including additional hardware. Of some components earlier, served to connect computer networks to one another.

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The main purpose of the establishment of a computer network is to exchange data and information. Typically, large companies use it for internal purposes of the company in order to flourish. Read also understanding and printer functions.

Benefits of Computer Networking
To share resources, including data and important information
To facilitate communication among members of the
To access the information simultaneously and quickly
To expand the utilization of the device operating system
To simplify management computer
Types of Computer Networks
Computer networks can be divided into several types. In addition, the type of computer network can also be viewed from various aspects. Here are reviews of computer networks:

Types of computer networks based on the range
LAN (local area network) network of computers that have a fairly narrow range. Usually used in offices, campuses, schools, and areas other not too large.
MAN (metropolitan area network), a computer network with a range of around 50 kilometers. These networks are often used by companies or schools within a considerable distance, such as between cities.
WAN (wide area network), a computer network that reaches wide enough to interstate.
Internet (interconnected network), a computer network with seamless access around the world.
Types of computer networks by function
Client-server, a computer network that requires in which there is a special computer device. Is the client computer and the server computer, two computer devices that should exist in the client-server networks that have different functions.
Peer-to-peer, namely computer network computer devices have the same base. In a sense, all computer can be a server or client simultaneously.
The type of computer network based topology
bus topology
ring topology
tree topology
mesh topology
linear topology
The type of computer network based media transmission
Wired computer network (wired network) network of computers using either wired transmission media when the exchange of data between computers.
Wireless computer networks (wireless network) network of computers that do not use a cable (called LAN) when the exchange of data and information.

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